The Ocean Blue 9m93rs Touring

Many Ninemeister clients desire a Porsche that is visually unique and different from the original factory design. For others keeping the car looking very close indeed to the original Porsche silhouette comes high on the list of objectives. It’s what lies beneath that is important to them. This 9m93rs Touring project is one of those understated projects.

The owner is based in the Far East and wished to create a visually conservative Porsche 911, with his perfect dynamic specification. The concept he agreed on with Ninemeister was to create a perfect, standard looking 993 C2S, with 993RS underpinnings and performance. Plus a little added Ninemeister craftsmanship.

The classic outline of the 993 Carrera C2S.

The base Porsche 993 was stripped back to the bare metal, then throughly overhauled for corosion. The sunroof was deleted by replacing it with an entire Porsche factory roof skin component. Following that, the Ninemeister 9mRS chassis package was installed. Developed in house by the Ninemiester team, this gives the full complement of RS chassis improvements, plus some 9m elements engineered in house to further improve the chassis.

This includes 9m93rs front suspension uprights and the Ninemeister Stiff Axle Kit. Bilstein PSS10 dampers and springs were specified and the front brakes were upgraded to 993RS specification.

The engine specification was designed to create a highly responsive unit that had many elements of the 993RS feel, with added mid range power and torque. To achieve this, the Ninemeister 3.8 high torque engine was built and installed, along with a 9mrs lightweight flywheel, 9m limited slip differential and RS gearshift mechanism.

What lies beneath. The C2S outline conceals the Ninemeister technical work

For the exterior finish, the car was painted in the Ninemeister paint and body department in Porsche Ocean Blue. Inside the car is principally Porsche 993 Exclusive Pack trim, with hard back standard Porsche sports seats. The instruments were refurbished to 9m specification and the audio system now has the 9m speaker package installed.

The finished car does look in many ways like a very nicely restored and refurbished, standard Porsche 993 C2S. And that was the owner’s principal objective visually. The magic happens away from public view, beneath the immaculate Ocean Blue paintwork, where the beating heart is a carefully co-ordinated series of studied improvements that optimised this Porsche 993 to be exactly the Porsche he wished to enjoy whenever he slides behind the wheel of his own, perfect, Ninemeister built Porsche 911.

It is far more that simply an immaculate Carrera C2S. More even than a 993RS in disguise. This 9m93rs Touring is all of those elements, and then some more.

Technical Specification

Bodywork and Chassis

· Original 993 Carrera S Turbo-look body
· Sunroof delete (full factory roof skin)
· 9mRS chassis package (RS reinforcements, brackets & seam welding)
· 9m93RS front suspension uprights
· 9m93RS stiff axle kit & bushes
· Bilstein PSS10 spring & damper package
· 993RS front brake upgrade (Big Blacks)
· 993C2S brake servo, master cylinder, ABS
· 9mRS engine & gearbox mounts

Paint and Trim

· Porsche Ocean Blue
· Exclusive pack Grey & Charcoal leather, fully restored
· New original material carpet set, headlining
· 993 plastic back sports seats
· Electric windows
· RS gearshift
· Fully refurbished instruments
· 9m speaker package

Wheels and Tyres

· Original Porsche hollow spoke 993 Turbo twist alloys 8×18 front, 10×18 rear
· Michelin Pilot Sport N3 225/40 front, 295/30 rear

Engine and Transmission

· 9m X51 3.8 litre high torque engine (325hp)
· 9mRS lightweight flywheel package
· 9m Motronic engine tune
· 6 speed C2 G50/20 gearbox
· 9m limited slip differential

The Green 2.7RS Homage Project

It all started with how the doors closed. The owner of the lovely Green 911 came to Ninemeister with a simple request. The doors didn’t seem to be aligned that well and perhaps they needed some adjustment.

A straight forward task. It would take a few hours work for the Ninemeister technicians to fix what can be an annoying characteristic of Porsche 911 doors if you don’t understand how to set them correctly. That simple task turned into a much longer project that resulted in the car we see here. A completely rebuilt car which bears little resemblance to the original Porsche 911 that first came to Ninemiester that day.

A little investigative work in the workshops quickly led to the realisation that this wasn’t the first time that this Porsche 911 had been ‘adjusted’. The car showed signs of various work over the previous decades and, like many older air cooled 911’s, was now really in need of something a little more thorough that a simple door adjustment.

To the owner’s credit, once the bad news was overcome, he enthusiastically bought into the idea of giving his 911 a rebirth as an accurate homage to the silhouette of the 2.7RS.

The body shell was stripped back to the bare metal and the various areas of corrosion that can hide unseen in a 911 bodyshell were all dealt with. The owner’s objective was to create the outline of a car he had always wanted, the 2.7RS, combined with the driveline of a later 911SC. Plus a few Ninemeister enhancements.

Authenticity was important, so genuine, original RS body panels were sourced for the car to undertake a full body restoration including steel wings, hood, quarter panels, inner wings, front panel, sills, inner sills, kidney bowls, etc. In the process, the shell was seam welded to 9m11RS specification and the sunroof was deleted with the use of an original factory roof panel.

Suspension was all new Bilstein Club Sport specification, with bushes and engine mounts all renewed. The 3.0 litre engine was checked and rebuilt with a number of Ninemeister improvements which, together with the two into one exhaust gave a power output of 225 bhp.

When it came to trim and paintwork, there are several elements that simply seem to work each time with the 911, so why break the rules?

A set of rare and original Fuchs alloy wheels were fitted with Sport Contact tyres was complemented with the essential Duck Tail spoiler. Inside, the charcoal interior has RS door cards and hardware, a half leather interior, plus detailed instruments in a period style and an essential Momo Prototipo steering wheel. A centre console delete gives the complete period look.

A nod to modern living came in the form of the electric windows, plus a Porsche Classic DAB radio and navigation with Bluetooth connectivity. The classic Porsche feel was retained however, with the original 915 gearbox being rebuilt to 9m specification to ensure the best performance from the shift.

A lightweight flywheel and clutch provide the perfect response on those heel and toe downshifts.

The final paintwork finish is a custom shade of Birch Green, created in house by the Ninemeister paintwork specialists, darker than Charteusse and not as vivid as other shades. The entire car came together to deliver what is in effect a brand new car. The owner’s comment after a week of driving it?

“Now THAT is what an 911SC should really drive like.”

NOTE – This 9m car is currently for sale. Contact our offices for full details and to arrange a viewing.


Bodywork and Chassis

  • 911RS 2.7 body conversion
  • Full body restoration including steel wings, hood, quarter panels, inner wings, front panel, sills, inner sills, kidney bowls, etc.
  • Sunroof delete (full factory roof skin)
  • 9m RS seam welding & stiffening
  • Bilstein Clubsport strut & damper package
  • 911 Carrera rear torsion bars
  • 911 Carrera brake calipers & discs
  • New OEM suspension bushes & engine mounts

Paint and Trim

  • 9m Birch Green (special mix, darker than Chartreusse)
  • Black part leather interior
  • Cobra S seats
  • RS door cards & hardware
  • Electric windows
  • Centre console delete
  • Momo Prototipo steering wheel
  • Retro-styled & refurbished instruments
  • Porsche Classic DAB radio and navigation system with Bluetooth connectivity

Wheels and Tyres

  • Continental Sport Contact tyres, 205/55 front, 225/50 rear
  • Original Fuchs alloy wheels, RS detailed, 6×16 front, 7×16 rear

Engine and Transmission

  • 911SC 3.0 litre engine, 225hp
  • SSI stainless heat exchangers, two into one silencer
  • 9m rebuilt 915 5 speed gearbox
  • Lightweight flywheel & clutch