The Sapphire Car

The Sapphire Car will soon be heading to the open countryside of Northumberland, on the border of Northern England and Scotland. The spectacular, rugged countryside and winding, open roads will be this car’s new home. Built to be driven, frequently and quickly, we thought you might like to hear from the owner and enjoy a quick chat about his dreams of the Sapphire Car and what motivated him to embark on the journey with Ninemeister to create his idea of the perfect 911.

“I wanted a car that looked like my old 2.7RS, yet drove more like my 964RS.”

The owner of The Sapphire Car has long experience of Porsche 911 ownership. He has, in fact, owned almost all of the most iconic and collectable RS 911s across the decades, including 2.7RS, 964RS, GT2 and so on. All the way to the latest 991 that he recently sold.

The big difference is that he owned all of these Porsches in period, at a time when they were simply another option in the brochure. Unlike the current owner of a collectable RS Porsche who often buys for the investment potential, he drove them regularly, long before they became such a valuable commodity.

Fast forward several decades and The Owner is a little disenchanted with the latest digital cars that are being produced by car manufacturers worldwide.

He wanted a new Porsche 911, yet really wished to re-create the engaging and immersive feeling of driving an analogue 911, updated with modern build technologies and other enhancements to make his car totally reliable and an engaging drive. A car capable of being used every day, should he choose to.

“I talked with several specialist 911 builders before I decided on 9m. While they were all very good and without a doubt would have created a great car for me, the chat I had with Colin sealed my decision. He understood what I wanted, how I wanted the car to drive and feel like. That was the most important part for me. I don’t drive on track, I’m not a racer, however I wanted a car that felt like my old 964RS, with perhaps a little more compliance for regular road driving.”

Body and Style

The Sapphire Car is the result of the collaboration between the team here at 9m and the owner’s dreams and wishes. The bare Porsche 911 shell of the base car was stripped and engineered to create the style and period feel that owner had in mind. The ST body conversion, including steel wings, hood, quarter panels and rear arches were all use to create the classic 911 silhouette. The Owner also chose the option of a sunroof delete.

Classic shape of the ST wide body 911

Once the the wide body was complete, the classic look was completed with the addition of deep dish Fuchs style alloy wheels, made possible by a bespoke 9m narrow track rear axle modification to create the perfect offset.

Some 9m clients like to carry through the period look to the interior, however in this case, the decision was a subdued charcoal black leather interior with 9mRS door cards and 993RS door pulls. 964 seats were the preferred option, re-trimmed in new Charcoal leather. The principal reference to an earlier 911 is the removal of the centre console, with the switches repositioned to a discrete panel below the main instruments.

The final touches to the interior included refurbished instrument gauges with the 9m logo, plus an 8,000 rpm tachometer.

The Heart of the Sapphire Car

Of course the flat six engine is the heart of every 9m creation and there are a great many options to choose from. For many owners, a standard engine, optimised to run as efficiently as possible is the perfect choice. Other clients aspire to more power and a variety of different specifications, depending upon whether the car will be road use, track use or a combination of the two.

After some consideration, The Owner choose a high torque 3.8 litre engine build, with billet cylinder heads, a lightweight flywheel and RS engine and gearbox mounts. Transmission is a standard 5 speed gearbox, with a limited slip differential to ensure the best traction from the torque of the engine.

The finishing touch was a bespoke dual outlet exhaust with the minimum of silencing. This combination of glorious exhaust tone and high torque engine should be the perfect instrument for dealing with troublesome holiday traffic on the B Roads of Northumberland.

We admire his choices.

Chassis and Suspension

To deal with the undulating roads, KW Suspension was specified, with geometry set for fast road use. Connecting the driver to the car, a Momo Prototipo wheel trimmed in black leather was added, together with a bespoke RS gearshifter modification created in house by 9m to ensure the perfect gearshift precision.

So if you live in the North of England or the rolling Scottish Border countryside, listen out for the distinctive tone of a flat six enjoying some exercise. There’s a good chance it could be this unique car, it’s owner enjoying his creation and the analogue feel of a true Porsche 911.

Technical Specifications

Bodywork and Chassis

  • ST body conversion including steel wings, hood, quarter panels, arches.
  • Sunroof delete (full factory roof skin)
  • 9m RS seam welding & stiffening
  • 993 front suspension
  • KW spring & damper package optimised for fast road use
  • Porsche 993 brakes & master cylinder, 3 channel ABS
  • Power assisted steering
  • RS specification mounts & bushes

Paint and Trim

  • Porsche Sapphire Blue
  • Charcoal leather
  • Porsche high back sports seats
  • RS door cards & hardware
  • Electric windows
  • Centre console delete (switch gear repositioned below instruments)
  • Momo Prototipo steering wheel, satin black spokes
  • RS gearshift with 9m custom lever 9m rev counter, retro-styled & refurbished instruments
  • Porsche Classic DAB radio and navigation system with Bluetooth connectivity

Wheels and Tyres

  • Continental Sport Contact 205/55 front, 245/45 rear Braid
  • Fuchs style Braid Competition Alloys. 6×16 front, 9×16 rear

Engine and Transmission

  • 9m 3.8 litre high torque engine with 9m billet cylinder heads
  • 9mRS lightweight flywheel
  • 9m Motronic engine tune 5 speed gearbox
  • 9m limited slip differential

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