Welcome to cloud9m

This is the new online presence of 9m. We’d like to welcome you to this new adventure as we reach out to some of the great clients we work with and share their passion of the air cooled Porsche 911.

Over many years, our in house team of craftsmen and technicians have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience of building bespoke Porsche 911s for our clients.

Cloud9m is the new location where we will be sharing more of the stories of these beautiful air cooled Porsches as we talk about the stories behind some of these cars, our shared passion of the Porsche 911 and the desires we share together to build the perfect 9m 911 for each owner.

Each car is created specifically to the owners wishes and is based around a series of decisions pertaining to it’s intended use, the client’s driving experiences and desires and future ownership.

While no two 9m cars are identical, the one thing we all share together is a passion for the wonderful Porsche 911 design, it’s Darwin like evolution and the purity of the unique 911 drive.

Welcome to cloud9m.

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